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​Education to fight against poverty and exclusion


Our objective is to develop and sustain a charitable organization to help youth living in extremely precarious conditions to rebuild their identities and acquire education and job training to start out in life.

Art as a means to facilitate dialogue and mutual understanding


We support artistic development in poor counties by offering young artists the tools to create, and for the most talented, offering the possibility of international exposure that can be the start of a career.


Reward and recognition to help sustain educational motivation


We organize yearly contests focusing on basic education and the arts to reward the most exceptional children and youth. Organized in the heart of the poorest communities, prizes are awarded with the objective of rewarding stamina and stimulating the desire to acquire knowledge and develop artistic expression.

€ 1 for a smile


Every year, In Cultura Veritas appeals to the generosity of its members and friends to finance a charitable project. 

The campaign for 2018-19 is dedicated to promoting education in Cambodia. 

The concept is simple: a virtual chain of solidarity where each donation of as little as € 1 (euro) is a ‘link’, and each small link can become a veritable chain when passed on through social media networks.

Every € 10 collected is virtually and graphically represented by a brick being removed from the Wall of Smiles.

The posts on our blog and Facebook page (in French, English, and Brazilian) will permit you to follow the progress, discover what is behind the Wall of Smiles and to keep you informed of the projects put in place thanks to your help. 

If you would like to participate, just click on the link below.


Le Ceylan - 26 rue Trachel- 06000 NIce - France