We did it!

Our team is back from Morocco where it participated to the humanitarian 2017 4L Trophy to help children. Tim and Tom are sharing their thanks with you all who made this adventure possible.

We did it! We travelled over 3000 km on all kinds of surfaces from roads to dirt paths, to dunes and to moving sands to make it to our final destination: Marrakech. Having finished 419th (not bad considering the number of times we found ourselves stuck in sand traps), we finished this adventure full of happy memories. Memories of the beautiful scenery from the desert dunes in Merzouga, to the snowy peak of Mt Tichka and the countless villages we drove through on our way. Memories of the smiles everywhere, over all of the children, whether we passed them on the road, or played a game of pick-up soccer with them. But also memories of the people we met along the way: other participants and their will to help anyone in need or stuck in the sand, the people of Erfoud, who welcomed us during our car troubles, and even the mechanics that kept us going all the way.

So if we have one thing to say today, it is a huge THANK YOU. Thank you to all who brought us to Marrakech today, who followed us during our journey and to all those who thought of us in the last 10 days. You have truly given us the experience of a lifetime. Thanks to you and all those that donated to the 1450 teams this year, we've been able to raise and donate more than €70 000 and tons of school supplies and sports equipment. A donation that big is enough to build five new schools and equip all of its students properly. So thank you.

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