Get ready for a great adventure!

We are pleased to introduce you Tim Rouchon (right) and Tom Richards (left) who will participate to the humanitarian 4L Trophy rally, under the colors of In Cultura Veritas, from the 16th and the 26th of February 2017.

The 4L Trophy is an amazing humanitarian adventure filled with challenges that encourage sporting prowess and charitable activity, open to students aged between 18 and 28 years old. The challenge for the winner is not to go quickly but to navigate effectively, with the first requirement being to get over the finish line. Getting to that stage requires all the competitors to discover the true meaning of the word support, avoiding the pitfalls and the sandy wadis where many will fall by the wayside, unable to escape the sands and helping their fellow competitors to fix their mechanical breakdowns.

Friends since childhood, Tim and Tom always shared a common passion for sports and travel, and a mutual desire for adventure and the unknown. However, growing up and attending universities on different continents has made it a challenge to find the time and resources to carry out a real project themed around their common interests. As difficult as it was for them to justify taking part in this exciting and challenging adventure, the stars aligned this year thanks to their academic plans and the 4L Trophy quickly became a reality.

Now in his third year at the University of Waterloo in Canada, Tom is preparing to depart for a semester abroad at the University Carlos III in Madrid, Spain. Meanwhile, Tim is returning to Sciences Po in Lyon, France after coming back from a full year of studies at the University of Birmingham in England. As a result, the 2016-17 academic year offers them the opportunity to overcome the limitations set by their origins, and to go ahead and undertake this amazing project.

In Cultura Veritas had to help these young boys to make their dream come true. Therefore, Tim and Tom will be, during this humanitarian adventure, the “ambassadors” of In Cultura Veritas. They will share with us their daily life while bringing to the children of Merzouga (Maroc). Would you like to help and support them as well? Visit their website. For your information, a generous and anonymous donator decided to double any donation made before the end of October! A great way to help them!

Also, any donation of 100 € will give you the right to have your name on their car!

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